Vaccine for a new virus approved in the UK

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US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced that there is an approval for a company in England to begin distributing a nasal spray version of the FVIII vaccine. The Health Protection Agency (HPA) conducted a phase III clinical trial that would address the same issue that states, clinicians, healthcare workers and parents have been suffering since the 2001 outbreak in Florida, Georgia and other parts of the world of SARS-CoV. This increase in risk rate might begin manifesting itself at the young age of five years and two months. The nasal spray version of the vaccine is given to all people from the age of 15 years and above that are not currently being vaccinated.

At this time it is impossible to give out an exact estimate of the number of people that would be included in this newly approved vaccine, but time will tell as more details about the product are being released. It was also revealed in the FDA approval documents that the nasal spray version of the vaccine would be protected against the coronavirus in the US if it ever is added to the FVIII vaccine being used by CVS Health Corp. (NYSE:CVS) in the US.

The lungs are traditionally the first line of defense against any potential infectious disease. This is perhaps one of the best reasons to get vaccinated, besides the fact that if you are vaccinated you will have more of your lungs made up from a shield made up of antibodies for an overpass, as well as more personal health benefits for many others. The lungs are the weak link for any immune system of the human body, and, as a result, it is important to do all that you can to protect these structures of the body by being a good, healthy individual.

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