Female high school hockey coach encourages girls to take shots at scissor lift

High School Girls Hockey coach Scott Pepin believes girls players are “hellbent on practicing harder” than boys on the ice — and has once again made a video of him coaching students as they shoot hockeys at a scissor lift.

The video, titled “Hellbound”, features Pepin, dressed in a Minnesota Wild jersey, coaching a group of girls from his school in Edina, Minn. The boys on the team are stuck, literally, without a position to shoot at — but Pepin stays focused on the challenge.

“No-one shot as they prepare to shoot for the final goal!” the coach writes in the caption of the video, which has drawn more than 6 million views since it was posted on Sept. 7. It has since been shared by professional hockey players from around the world.

“Scott, what a coach!! Not only on the ice but in the classroom and off the ice,” former Canadien and current Bruins forward David Krejci wrote in the caption. “Your efforts for the kids and school are very impressive!”

The video is reminiscent of one released in 2016 by Pepin that featured a group of boys shooting “Squid Games.” In the video, Pepin calls out the players for “pretending that you’re playing hockey” and shows them getting fired up on the scissor lift. “Squid Games,” as it has been dubbed online, has proven popular with girls, too. On Sunday, the video was viewed over 1.3 million times in total.

The coach previously shared a video of him working with boys on the ice at his club in 2017. “I tell them, ‘Good. Now, shoot for the puck, get to your hips, swing that leg out, and then come down the ice!’” he says.

One question remains: who shot first? Check it out.

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