The Need for Public Awareness About Chronic Infectious Diseases (CON)

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In the middle of the fight against major infectious diseases such as the HIV/AIDS and Ebola outbreaks, new strains of bacteria are emerging that can no longer be treated by antibiotics.

FOX’s Ashley Papa reports from the White House:

This is a FOX News Radio special report.

At the White House, President Trump’s surgeon general appears to be disheartened by the public’s lack of knowledge about the issue.

President Trump’s Surgeon General, Jerome Adams, said today that, while the government has made progress against drug-resistant bacteria, it’s time for the public to look after our health.

To encourage increased public-health awareness, Adams and National Institutes of Health Director, Francis Collins, will deliver a public-health update this afternoon to the Cabinet.

Adams also referenced his scientific testimony about the threat that microorganisms may pose to our lives in future years.

In Washington, Ashley Papa, FOX News Radio.

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