‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ on Epix aims to elevate the female experience

Written by Emma Kimble, based on the book ‘Campus Hatchett’ by Kathy Grace

When “The Sex Lives of College Girls” ended its four-part run last month, the show easily stood as the U.S.’ most critically acclaimed (and tweeted-about) single-camera dramedy of 2017. The show attracted a huge viewership (more than 5 million viewers) across multiple platforms, thanks in large part to the anthology format which let each episode focus on a very different character navigating the unconventional sexual terrain of college.

The latest installment, following Emma, recently became the show’s second-highest-rated telecast ever (with around 2.9 million viewers) on Epix, the premium cable channel that premiered “Sex Lives” last year, and has now ordered a fourth chapter. Shot in late 2017, director Monica DiCiccio’s series is now shooting episodes for a debut next fall.

“Sex Lives of College Girls” centered on two sisters, Rebekah and Anna, whose college years are thrown off course when their eccentric mother begins a relationship with a young, successful older man.

Previously I interviewed show creators Emma Kimble, Tony Tackaberry and Andrew Lee Potts about their ambitious single-camera dramedy that taps into the maturation of women’s sexual experiences, from New York to LA to a university campus. Watch the video interview above, and have a read on the Washington Post’s review here:

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