Travis Scott was spotted at a drive-thru funeral for Soulja Boy

Travis Scott was spotted for the first time since his performance at a funeral in tribute to 21-year-old Soulja Boy.

Scott, the rapper behind the much-anticipated “Astroworld,” attended a drive-thru funeral in Los Angeles on Tuesday, according to TMZ.

Scott performed a free concert for thousands in Inglewood, California, before arriving at the McDonald’s location where the drive-thru was operated.

The cemetery where the service was held holds the dead and the unborn. The lyrics to Travis Scott’s hit “Sicko Mode” were held over the speakers, and he sang along to them.

The “Astroworld” headliner started slowing down before singing his well-known ode to illicit sex.

“I’m gonna drive by the 14th Street bridge in my ride so I could get in the hot seat,” he sang in the second verse.

Later in the song, Scott sang, “My bed is made of trees, like the Serengeti / We don’t get no sleep.”

The Father of Soulja Boy, Soulja Boy was laid to rest Monday after he was shot and killed last weekend.

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