Thanksgiving food: Donald Trump Thanksgiving recipes with a political twist

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption You can celebrate Thanksgiving with kooky veggies with Native American savouries

Turkey, yams, cranberry sauce. If you’re of a certain age, these are the familiar Sunday dinner fare.

But if the events surrounding US President Donald Trump’s own family holiday are anything to go by, turkey might be going the way of the dodo.

With the ongoing closure of the US government over a delay in funding the government, there’s unlikely to be a pot of giblet gravy for a while.

So to help you throw some food porn your way, we’ve put together our top Thanksgiving food ideas, each inspired by the official ‘man of the people’ menu, and featuring a story or two from the tales of our founding fathers.

Let us know what you think, and who you’re cooking for – we want to hear from you.

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1. Make wine-soaked omelettes

Image copyright Instagram / mrsmeliastorey Image caption This wine-soaked omelette was a mess for all the right reasons

Meanwhile, this fella in wine glasses might be best known as the social media manager for make-up artist Michelle Phan, but this Thanksgiving he’s eating turkey with a fork and knife.

He’s devouring the bird in front of a TV screen instead.

Here’s another omelette, with gravy – the modern-day equivalent of tradition.

Image copyright Instagram / mrsmeliastorey Image caption Honey & melon omelettes are perennial favourites

Image copyright Instagram / mrsmeliastorey Image caption Kids and grown-ups alike can make omelettes this Thanksgiving

2. Get in the frame of mind

Image copyright Instagram / hoagiecakes Image caption Put a sweet twist on Thanksgiving with Hoagiecakes’ Corned Beef and Gravy

Or maybe you’re not the cook. You could get in the frame of mind by posing for a Thanksgiving family portrait.

But make sure you don’t forget to pose with your left hand on your heart. That’s the gesture the Pilgrims thought made you one of their own.

3. Show off your heritage

Image copyright Instagram / yarnpour Image caption The Ojibwe Powwow is a celebration of Ojibwe culture

This pork, cranberry, red beans and rice dish from the Ojibwe powwow is the food of the soil and family. It’s a common Thanksgiving dinner dish for many Native Americans.

Image copyright Instagram / pintxicoo Image caption Fun fact: This pop-up dish is billed as the official dish of New York City

This light-hearted Caribbean food by ad agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky is a nod to the Jamaican diaspora, those immigrants who were brought into the US in the 19th century as slaves.

4. Inspire your (younger) in-laws

Image copyright Instagram / deepbreadcookie Image caption Blueberry leaf bread is a popular Thanksgiving appetiser

This is a modern take on the Thanksgiving favourite – a classic ham dish known as oatmeal bread. Only it’s puffed corn bread.

There are now loads of online recipes that also use blueberry leaves as a jelly, a good accompaniment to the tomato marmalade.

You can also make a finger sandwich like this – the feet of the ham belong to the yeasts that give them away.

Image copyright Instagram / Deepcook Cookie

You can up the ante and whip up a dollop of a sweet Sriracha aioli to serve alongside that turkey fry-up.

5. Join the conversation

Image copyright Instagram / Fegronix Image caption Feast your palate with pumpkin pie with maple and spice

Image copyright Instagram / Beasley image

If there’s a single dish people will be talking about all night on social media, it’s probably Pumpkin Pie. How’s it made? What’s it called? Just as important, what are the ingredients?

You can join the conversation on Thanksgiving Day using the hashtag #thanksgiving.

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