Last Word With John Gibson: Brits Say Gay Adoption, Dads With Kids Don’t Mix

TONIGHT…John Gibson welcomes a guest on the Brits say nay, America say weds: Douglas Murray, an author and lecturer in European and international relations at St Andrews.

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Brits say nay to gay marriage, but not same-sex parenting.

The British government has raised eyebrows over plans to relax the law so that gay couples can adopt children.

This week at Westminster, Labour’s Shadow Children’s Secretary Katherine O’Brien tabled a Commons debate on the legislation.

The motion stated that it is “wrong to exclude same-sex couples from the law on adoption.”

But some UK MPs say the law should stay the same as it was before the change of the law.

Equality Minister Jo Swinson told us what she thought about the debate on gay adoption.

‘LGBT Is No Top-Down Story,’ she said. ‘Lots of people want to come and adopt. And there’s a lot of campaigns by gay couples to come here and adopt.’

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