Swim coach and coach chat: Swimming in the 21st century


Swimming coach Phoebe,

I’m always with my students, and we make sure to spend lots of time together—maybe if we are catching up at the pool, and outside. We also hang out and eat with other swimmers at many different venues. At the end of an exhausting day, I like to grab a cuppa with them—something to refresh your mind and refocus on the swim. We go bowling, we go out to dinner, go to movies. We spend a lot of time on the weekends together. I don’t go away for weekends, so it’s not too hard, and it keeps the relationships intact.


As a swim coach myself, I love to spend time with my swim students and get to know them, but I am working on my partners in crime. I think that no matter how many of my students that I train, I want my partners to be great swimmers as well, so I try to make them that. I’m going to be going on a trip to Australia soon. I want them to come with me to train with us, and be an integral part of training—all the things that you’d expect a good partner to be.

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