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Thanksgiving Travel This Year to Test Airlines’ Warning Systems

According to InfoScout’s Holiday Travel Report, two-thirds of holiday travelers will be flying in the next seven days.

This Thanksgiving holiday season travelers will be able to enjoy some of the lowest airfares in the past two years, thanks to the continuing weak economy and strong demand for air travel. The average ticket price for Thanksgiving travel will be down about 12 percent from last year, according to information from FareCompare.com and tocompare.com.

But how much room for error is left for airlines in making sure that travelers don’t have a rude awakening when they get to the airport?

The largest holiday travel period in the year is of course Black Friday and the remainder of the “peak holiday period,” which is that which ends Sunday, Nov. 25. Typically, Black Friday is among the busiest travel days of the year for airports across the country. That may be changing, though, as consumers look more closely at Black Friday deals being offered.

According to the Travelmath.com Smart Travel Deal Report, Black Friday, Saturday, and Sunday sales will be discounted an average of 66.55 percent, compared to the “normal” sale. If the holiday travel times stand still, Smart Travel suggests that American consumers should be able to get to the airport early and snag the best deals to travel on Black Friday. For the best deals this year, Smart Travel recommends renting through Hertz, or rather, not booking your Black Friday holiday rental through Hertz, because it will likely offer lower prices this year.

This Black Friday and the rest of the week, Smart Travel members may have to be vigilant about their holiday travel. Most of the airline schedules and fares being offered are available for comparison purposes with Smart Travel deals, so make sure to check out Smart Travel to find the best deals for your vacation.

These tips will help you plan your Thanksgiving travel accordingly and to make the best use of your time on the road. Check out InfoScout’s Holiday Travel Report for all of the details and tips you will need to make your Thanksgiving travel experience a rewarding one.

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