Nick Kyrgios: Australian tennis player hits back at critics over vaccination comments

Media playback is not supported on this device Kyrgios ‘in fear’ of unvaccinated children

Nick Kyrgios said it is “absurd” for people to criticise him for publicly supporting unvaccinated children.

The Australian, who this week announced he will not compete at this month’s season-ending ATP finals in London, said people criticising him for attending a vaccination event were “childish”.

The 23-year-old, who will miss a series of tournaments, said he had a “zero tolerance” policy for those who “try to misconstrue” his views.

“I’m getting enough abuse as it is,” Kyrgios said.

The world number nine appeared on the Gold Coast on Thursday to discuss the new children’s ‘No Shot No Play’ campaign.

The slogan is in response to parents who choose not to vaccinate their children, as non-vaccinated children have picked up a variety of infectious diseases from unvaccinated classmates, including measles, whooping cough and mumps.

Speaking on “The Bouncer” radio show on the Gold Coast, Kyrgios was asked about comments in Sports Illustrated magazine, where he described himself as “unvaccinated”.

“I came off the court at the signing yesterday and my wife said I looked a bit worried,” Kyrgios told Sports Illustrated.

“All I can say is, the kid’s shot and nothing happens, but my next opponent? She has the side effects of a shot.

“It’s absurd and no way does that correlate.”

When asked by host Jason Sobel about the magazine article, Kyrgios replied: “Sorry, but why doesn’t it correlate?

“To me, that’s what’s so ludicrous about it. I’m getting enough abuse as it is but you’re all starting to say: ‘Nick, that’s not cool to do’.

“It’s like, in these moral, moral… the world’s gone mad.”

Kyrgios also addressed recent reports that he had warned fellow players off attending Australia’s Davis Cup tie against Great Britain this month – an incident which earned him a fine from Tennis Australia.

“I have to come out and have one point about that stuff,” he said.

“I was in South Korea at the time for the LG Open and my dad got a ticket for my twin brothers, so that was the only reason I was in South Korea and I came to the dinner and signed it.

“They sent it to someone else, who sent it back to me and I got fined.

“Sorry, but that’s all I got for that.”

A correct story was told in the article – both Bouncer columnists James Fitzsimons and Jonathan Wright were informed in advance of Kyrgios’ comments

In late September, Kyrgios was diagnosed with a sinus infection

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